April 3, 2009

Dave Young

David "Dave" Young (tp): [Sun Ra and His Arkestra: Sound of Joy]

Dave Young was a core member of Sun Ra's early Arkestra in 1955 and 1956.
"When Gilmore joined, the Arkestra was no more than a trio, but it quickly grew: Pat Patrick returned from a sojourn in Florida, Dave Young came in on trumpet, Julian Priester on trombone, Richard Evans on bass, Jim Herndon on tympani and timbales. And they got regular work at Cadillac Bob's Budland, in the basement of the Pershing Hotel. The only Chicago-period photo of the Arkestra that's been published shows the band as it stood in the Fall of 1955." (Robert L. Campbell)
Dave Young is said to have quit playing music and became a car salesman (source).


Lucky said...

you call sun ra's music in the mid-50's POST-BOP? it's POST-BOP as it is POST-SWING, POST-RAG, POST-JIVE, POST-JAZZ, POST-YIP-ROC-HERESY. doctor lucky wins the battle again. knock-out.

never heard of dave young, but on investigation i even have one cd with him - guess what? sun ra. visit planet earth from 56.

the 2nd link is for another dave young cat, but in reading your post properly, one sees that you only refer to this one sentence, where the ra-young is mentioned. dig deep.

stay 'young', spring (day) will come very soon (any day now already) cryptic ending of this comment, ha?

Spring Day said...

Certainly I didn't mean to offend you or any other Sun Ra fan with my categorization. And, what I did must have certainly been wrong, because... I must admit, I don't understand Sun Ra. Not even his music. Therefore I am certainly easy to get close to heresy, but I'm not doing that intentionally, so I think there's at least no "yip-roc"-risy ;-)
Adding Dave Young and Richard Youngstein together, and supposing the little info concerning the car salesman is correct, we already have two drop-outs from the music business here...
Thanks for staying tuned, my friend!