July 23, 2007

Prögressor: Krudes Klavier

Prögressor is one of the many monickers of a German writer, musician, and visual artist (others include Das Lab, Adefis, and Stanislav Wanzmann). No matter which of the arts he touches, he would do it in a very experimental way. For his experimental music he is mainly using the guitar and some computer manipulations, as for example on his debut album "Das traurige Audium". His literary works often deal with the music business as well. Sometimes he puts his guitar and his pen aside and uses the piano for some of his lo-fi electro-prog experiments and improvisations. One of these is documented on the mini-album (maybe it's an EP?) "Krudes Klavier" (2005), which I am presenting here. Some more recent stuff can be found on his own myownmusic-page.


cestlamerde said...

oh! i think it's something for Lucky!
did you ever listen to his music?
i would really like to collaborate with Prögressor.
if you're not afraid of what i do, please:
(but what i do is not what i like)

Spring Day said...

Hello again, Mr Cest (ah, that's a nice way to call you, because in czech "cesta" means "way, travel" and "čest" means "honour")!
Yes, I think this is a similar approach as what Mr. Lucky does. And, I asked Prögressor about it: He would like to collaborate with you too. Whew, that's interesting. Maybe someday we could post the results of this collaboration here? That would be a blog not just discussing music, but even producing!.
I am not afraid of what you are doing, why should I? But why don't you do what you like?

cest said...

oh i do what i want and i like what i do, but i wouldn't ever buy what i do!

Spring Day said...

Ah, ok, good, that sounds much better then :-) Well, I just listened to what you're doing, and like both of them, and if there would be a whole album with stuff like VS_Deerhof might even consider buying some ;-)

cest gentil! said...

ho ho i should perhaps make a connection with itunes!