August 11, 2007

DJ Peinlich: Blush

Remember Prögressor? Well, DJ Peinlich is the techno version of Prögressor, this Russian poet, musician and multi-media artist. And as it's electronic music time on Spring Any Day Now, I thought his "Blush" EP might fit in here. Compare the photos of the previous Prögressor post and this one, and you'll see how much he has changed! His home-recordings (usually done with guitar and piano, with all kinds of oddities and sound manipulations added) are this time enhanced with some electronic breakbeat, but often the original keyboard or guitar material is still discernible. The techno sounds are somewhere in the realm of the Gameboys Orchestra and ironically cite some of the early-90's stupidity of that genre. A nice half of an hour freak-out experience.
Tracklist: 1. Binsenweisheit (introv) / 2. Schlacht / 3. Silben zählen / 4. Woolworth 2000 / 5. Milben zählen / 6. Gähnung / 7. Tuntendrossel / 8. 8dimensionale wirkungsebene / 9. Fauch / 10. Wond / 11. Richtungs- / 12. Raumzeit=Nutte / 13. Stiefelfröndar (intermezzov) / 14. Gauklerwettbewerb / 15. Andreas Hohlkreuz / 16. Siebenarmiger Mann / 17. Stenaphilie / 18. Am Rande des...
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