May 26, 2010

Donkey Monkey in Moers 2010

Donkey Monkey is a piano/drum-duet of the French pianist Eve Risser and the Japanese drummer Yuko Oshima. The name expresses the unrest that is to be found in their music - though the monkey element was seemingly stronger than the donkey element. Anyway, Risser's playing was quite nice, oscillating between traditional and modern piano jazz styles - it reminded me of Aki Takase's homages to W.C. Handy and Fats Waller, but Risser's playing is more fluent than Takase's - and therefore more "normal". Yuko Oshima played with a mostly brutal, heavy attack - and thus destroyed quite a bit of the music. I'm not against loud and heavy music - I'm a rocker at heart -, but in this case the drums seemed to hammer down all the interesting lines of the piano. Yuko Oshima's really not a bad drummer though - some of her work in the morning improvisation sessions was more versatile and highly communicative with her co-players. But in the Donkey Monkey thing on the main stage her playing was rather minded on effect than on interplay.

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ayu1234 said...

agree with every word which you said. the only thing that I don't understand is that how come the monkey could be so brutal? I thought that they should be rather natured with more trickiness.

Spring Day said...

The brutality couldn't be attributed to the donkey either, right?