June 4, 2010

Another voice

On the whole my reviews of Moers seem sometimes a bit too critical to me. I think I haven't made it clear enough yet how much I enjoyed the festival, even if I am criticizing a detail here and there. It is a massive gathering of the finest and most creative musicians one can imagine and utterly enjoyable. So, as I haven't expressed that enough yet, I let the Jazztimes speak for me. Take over, Josef Woodard.


ayu1234 said...

true, an event which gathered a number of musicians with their mind. Nevertheless, I still prefer single concert than going to a music festival, because when all images are crowded in one's mind, there is not enough space for sophisticate enough enjoyment and tend to bad digestion.

Anonymous said...

here is another voice (as pdf here).

i thought of you reading this while isle-hopping in greece. scanned it later at home.


Spring Day said...

Welcome back from Greece and many thanks for the festival review. I'm not a frequent newspaper reader, so I would have missed this without you. And it's from Lippegaus! (Didn't see him on the festival site, hehe.) It is very interesting that he's writing about the social implications of Brötzmann's music. I'll have to write about that too, even though my view of the Chicago Tentet's concert was quite different from Lippegaus'.
When will we meet you in Moers? (They rent special ear-protections for children and offer wood games behind the tent, so little Lucky might find some amusement there as well)