June 4, 2010

Dobet Gnahoré live at Moers Festival 2010

We didn't even take a photo of Dobet Gnahoré. She was on the one hand the dance-act for this Saturday night - and as such she was much better than Miss Platnum the night before. She was also more related to the Moers tradition, which used to have an African Dance Night in the old days, curated by Francis Gay, getting artists like Baaba Maal to Moers. The African Dance Night started used to start even later than this year's concert of Dobet Gnahoré. But after 12 hours of interesting, attention-grasping and thought-provoking music, our minds had their fill. After we had heard four or five songs, we started our way back to our hotel. We had heard a good, versatile and strong singing voice, a very powerful athletic way of dancing and hopping on stage, some accompaniment that seemed a bit unbelievable (virtuoso guitar-player and and dense enough sound from just a guitar-bass-drum backline and strong background singing from the instrumentalists). I once had a glimpse at the official Moers Festival's website guestbook and there was some controversy going on, if there was some playback involved. But that's not really a question. It was an enjoyable set of a strong West African pop singer. And there was definitely less playback then when The Residents played in Moers in 2001.

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ayu1234 said...

yes, although we were with a quite distance from the stage and didn't get the dance scene clear enough, nevertheless, her singing was rather impacting. One would hardly miss the African element in the music. But to me, a singer who had to dance and sing all by her own, was a little inhuman. hahhah~~~~