July 14, 2010

New way of radio recording

Software for recording internet streaming radio stations is an old hat. I've tried some in the past, but was never satisfied with any of them. That's because I always found it too difficult to find a station that was a) professional and b) suiting my taste in music and information from these recording software.
Today I started a new attempt, and after installing it seems this recorder's going to stay with me for a while. It's another proof that within the vast sea of ever-availability called internet we need some guidance. What's the use if I can access/record from 5000 radio stations but cannot find one that I like? So, this here is the opposite way: A German public radio station (SWR, the "Southwest German broadcasting") is offering its own radio-recorder. It's a small, easy-download and easy-install program, which can play the several SWR stations live, browse the programme/broadcasting schedule for the next few days by categories and gives you the chance to just choose the things you'd like to record right from this programme schedule browser.
I'm really enthused by this, as now I'll never miss any "Radiophon" show anymore, a weekly one-hour show subtitled "Collagen aus Klassik, Jazz, Rock und Grenzgebieten" ("Collages of classical, jazz, rock and border areas") which I ALWAYS missed in the past few years - though back in the 90s this show was one of the five most important elements shaping my overall musical taste. You'd like to try the recorder yourself? Prepare your German and off you go.

(Besides tomorrow's "Radiophon" show I've also programmed the software to record a live performance of Frank Gratkowski, Chris Brown and William Winant. Doesn't that sound interesting?)

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