September 2, 2007

Prögressor: Complete First Session

After my first two posts with music of the Prögressor (here and here) the artist himself sent me a message of appreciation for what I am doing here, and even provided a little gem for us: The complete very first recording session of Mr. Prögressor! And rumour has it, that he is just about to negotiate with a nice independant label about the release of an album which might serve as an overview over his musical work (with the stress on musical, because as I already told you, he's also a writer and a visual artist). Don't know anything about the status of these negotiations, however... So, if you enjoyed the previous Prögressor efforts or if you are just interested in some manipulated lo-fi-avantgarde-acoustic-guitar-electronic music, have a try and download! (73 MB, mediafire). If you don't know what to expect, you can imagine something somewhere in the realm of Tony Oursler's Poetics or the Henry Kaiser/Sergej Kuriokhin collaboration (although Prögressor himself says, that he's more interested in melodies than them Kaiser/Kuriokhin).
And for those of you who understand German (sorry, most of the titles are totally untranslateable), the tracklist might be of some interest: 1. Akkorde der Scham / 2. Surgeon of Madness / 3. Trägerrakäthe / 4. Nasenschein / 5. Im Labor / 6. Die Labgilde / 7. Arschmänner / 8. Schleimchirurgie / 9. Riffprögressor / 10. Mit Pfiff / 11. Riffprägrösser / 12. Ochsenjuck / 13. Schabernacken / 14. Traumhaft / 15. R-wachen / 16. Pfiffikus / 17. Parasitära / 18. Kinderliteraturm / 19. Schambaum / 20. Hintergrundcoller / 21. Autoklav.

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