December 23, 2008

Attila Zoller

Attila Zoller (g): At­ti­la Zol­ler, Lee Ko­nitz & Al­bert Man­gels­dorff: Zo­Ko­Ma (tracks #1,2,5-11)] [At­ti­la Zol­ler, Hans Kol­ler & Mar­tial So­lal: Zo Ko So] Don Fried­man: „Spring Sign“ Don Fried­man: „Trou­ba­dours Groo­ve­dour“ Don Fried­man: „Wak­ing Up

Zoller, Attila Cornelius, *13.6.1927 Visegrád (Ungarn), † 1998; jazz guitarist and composer, also plays bass and trumpet; settled in the USA in 1959, plays jazz since 1946. In 1948 he went to Vienna and was active in the German jazz scene from 1954 to 1959 (for instance together with Albert Mangelsdorff and Hans Koller). He studied at the School of Jazz in Lenox in the USA and played with Tony Scott, Chico Hamilton, Bobby Jaspar, Herbie Mann and others before he founded his own quartet. In 1965 he took part in the Newport Jazz Festival. He composed the film score to the movie Das Brot der frühen Jahre and wrote an introduction to guitar improvisation. He appears on numerous records of Jim Hall, Herbie Mann, Albert Mangelsdorff and Klaus Doldinger.

(after: Eduard Wolff, Heinrich Zelton: Gitarrenlexikon. Komponisten, Gitarristen, Technik, Geschichte. Hamburg: Nikol Verlagsgesell­schaft mbH o.J. (Edition Kultur & Wissen), S. 302.

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