December 5, 2008

Ras I. Zulu

Ras I. Zulu (voc) [William S. Burroughs & Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy: Spare Ass Annie and Other Stories (tracks #9,10,14)]


Anonymous said...

burroughs links leads to nowhere, too - here's the fixed link (with relevant posts included): ;)

Spring Day said...

Thanks a lot for your help... and what a beautiful URL you found!

Anonymous said...

yr welcum!

made, senhor - not found!

see here:


bravo juju said...

ok... it's almost 4 am here, I just discovered that Herr Spring Day is back in town, and I hear Prof. Lucky speaking a weird language - -
better go to sleep - -

Spring Day said...

Hello Mr. Ewing, be welcome in his house of madness. Not sure, if sleep could help it. Trouxeste a tua tualha?