February 12, 2009

Bill Yurkiewicz

Bill Yurkiewicz (voc,electr): [Lull: Moments] [Exit-13: Spare the Wrench, Surrender the Earth EP]

Bill Yurkiewicz is a grindcore vocalist who has also been co-founding the Relapse label, focussing on far-out metal and hardcore artists. After a while, he also incorporated the imprint Release Entertainment, publishing "post-industrial experimental music, electronic ambient and noise". As he is interested in these two worlds - extreme metal and noise as well as ambient and electronic music - it is not astonishing, that Yurkiewicz also did the electronic editing for Mick Harris' Lull album Moments.
Yurkiewicz's own band was Exit-13, a nowadays probably quite forgotten group which occasionally fumbled around with incorporating various elements from punk to jazz into their grind(ing) pieces - though Exit-13 didn't sound as much like a roller-coaster ride as Naked City did (actually, "Societally Provoked Genocidal Contemplation", a track from their Spare the Wrench, Surrender the Earth EP, was the very first song I ever heard, which was trying to mix a jazzy passage into a grindcore piece - I discovered that a while before Alboth! and long before Naked City. When reviewing it now, it seems a bit lame, but way back in the early 90s it was a revelation to me).

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