February 17, 2009

Richard Youngstein

Richard Youngstein (cb): [Carla Bley & Paul Haines: Escalator over the Hill] [Paul Bley & An­net­te Pea­cock: The Paul Bley Syn­the­si­zer Show tracks #2,6,7]

Richard Youngstein was the bass-player in the "Original Hotel Amateur Band" on Carla Bley's recording of her jazz opera Escalator over the Hill and collaborated with the Bley/Peacock Synthesizer Show. Despite that he seems not have recorded too much with internationally acclaimed groups: He's only credited on a few albums at Discogs or AMG. In the early 70's however, he's also been leading his own group (Richard Youngstein Ensemble), with notable musicians as Perry Robinson or James Fulkerson. Later he changed his name and became a psychotherapist, which he reveals in an Amazon review of Paul Bley's biography:

"From the years 1968-1976, I was working, playing acoustic bass, under the name of Richard Youngstein. In Paul's very hip, very open book, he refers to playing a cool gig in Boston at the (long defunct) Jazz Workshop for one week with his long time drummer, Barry Altschul (whom I went to high school with in the Bronx) and "some bass player." Obviously Paul didn't remember my name, even though I recorded half an album with him on Polydor, called "The Paul Bley Synthesizer Show," produced by Orin Keepnews, and another album with his ex-wife, Annette Peacock, for French Polydor, that I heard had two titles, "Blood," and "Revenge." If anyone has a copy of either LP PLEASE let me know - I never got one & never heard it! Anyway, I also recorded under that name with Carla Bley & JCOA on "Escalator Over The Hill." I was very active in those years, playing w/Ros Rudd, Bill Dixon, Robin Kenyetta, Karl Berger, etc. I moved to LA late in 1976 and switched careers kind of, and names. I got my doctorate and license in psychology (like my late mentor, the great bassist David Izenzon) and have been in the healing field ever since. I had a trio/quartet "Erotic Zone," for some years and played periodically. Anyway, I am the same person, whether the old Richard Youngstein or the more recent Dr. Noah Young. Just thought I'd give a name to "some bass player" on the Jazz Workshop gig with mssrs. Bley and Altschul. And....Paul's book is awesome. Truly one of the giants of jazz and a priviledge to have made music with. (Write me at: Noazarc22@aol.com)"

P.S.: Isn't it interesting to find some traces of such drop-outs of the musical world? And to see what different way their life took after they left the professional music business?


Anonymous said...

i could scan the cd-booklet, but i think you're just looking for the tracks in which youngstein was involved, right? he was involved in 2 tracks:

- in the orchestra on "it's not what you do" (cd1/tr.12), and
- in the 'original amateur hotel band' on "overher head" (cd2/trk.2).

hth ;)

Spring Day said...

Your treasure vault really contains everything, doesn't it? Thanks for the information.
Ja, im Moment reicht mal die Information, auf welchen Tracks Youngstein mitgewirkt hat. Der nächste Kandidat wird dann Chris Woods, aber bis dahin vergeht noch einige Zeit. Ich bin soooo langsam...

Anonymous said...


cd1: 1,4,7,8,11,13
cd2: 2,6


Spring Day said...

Herzlichen Dank. Es wird kommen die Zeit, da es sehr hilfreich sein wird.

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He is an amazing musician, my father owns a few records of him playing in the old days, in his youth times.

xlpharmacy said...

Although Paul Bley isn't given anywhere near the recognition he deserves in America, his influence on contemporary players is deep and profound, going from Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett through to nearly any younger jazz piano player today who is worthwhile.