February 17, 2009

Timothy Young

Timothy Young (g,el-g): [Bob­by Pre­vite & Bump: Coun­ter­clock­wise track #9] [Ey­vind Kang: 7 Na­des tracks #1,2,4,5] [Way­ne Hor­vitz & Zony Mash: Upper Egypt] Way­ne Hor­vitz: „Close to You“ Zo­ny Mash: “Te­ku­fah”

"Timothy Young began playing guitar at age 5 under tutelage of Sister Margaruite of the Sacred Heart Convent in Menlo Park, CA. He currently lives in Los Angeles. He plays in The Youngs, THRUSTER!, Sweeter then the Day, Young and Moore and Re;Agent." (From his Myspace site) His playing is often making use of amplification feedback, slides and other sound deformations. At times this could sound quite dreamy and spacey (cf. "Close to You", "Theme from 1st Nade", links above), at times it can get rather noisy. With this he places himself somewhere between easy listening, (noise-)rock, jazz and country.

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