January 18, 2009

Allan Zavod

Allan Zavod (keyb,p): [Jean-Luc Ponty: Imaginary Voyage] [Frank Zap­pa: You Can’t Do That on Stage Anymore Vol. 1 CD2 #7-9] [Frank Zap­pa: You Can’t Do That on Stage Anymore Vol. 3 CD1 CD2 #8,11] [Frank Zappa: You Can’t Do That on Stage Any­mo­re Vol. 4 CD1 #2-7, 10,13 CD2 #3,6,11,13-16]

see also Frank Zappa

Allan Zavod (sometimes - falsely - spelled as Alan Zavod) is a keyboardist from Australia, who was invited into the USA by Duke Ellington and played with Woody Herman Orchestra, the Glenn Miller Orchestra, and appears on many recordings and in many gigs of Jean-Luc Ponty, Maynard Ferguson and Frank Zappa:
"THE LIBIDINOUS YEAR 1 with Frank Zappa in the 1980s is a faint memory, but Zavod delights in re-telling events. His lanky frame is still rock-star thin and while a baseball cap now tames the once-wild afro, he remains young at heart. What stood out about his time on the road was the girls, whom Zappa referred to as 'vegetation', and, of course, the sophistication of the music. 'One of the bonuses of performing on stage was not just that you'd get well paid but [you'd get) plenty of chicks," he grins without shame. "Even though we were playing all of this brilliant music, we were scanning the audience.'" (from Allan Zavod's website)
Now he's a husband and father and composing fusions of jazz and classical music à la "Concerto for trumpet, jazz trio and orchestra" as well as writing film or theatre scores.

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