January 6, 2009

Wigbert Zelfel

Wigbert Zelfel (sax): [Palais Schaumburg: Palais Schaumburg]

Wigbert Zelfel is probably most prominent for having been a member of the classical Palais Schaumburg lineup, as it appeared on their self-titled debut album. This wonderfully odd album is a true classic of the experimental edge of Neue Deutsche Welle. EmtyFree.org wrote:

"If you’ve heard of Palais Schaumburg, you’re either a music freak like me, or you’re a fan of the Orb. Palais Schaumburg are the curious parenthetical reference next to the name of Thomas Fehlmann in the liner notes to your Orb CDs.

Palais Schaumburg were a German no-wave/new-wave pop band in the early 80s. They put out one brilliant no-wave album with Holger Hiller on vocals. But, they followed it up with two awful new wave albums without Hiller. Well, ignore those later two albums. The first self-titled album is wall-to-wall brilliance.

Palais Schaumburg were impossible pop music: bizarrely quirky with odd synth sounds, panicked drumming, out-of-key-auf-deutsch singing by Hiller, with a steady bassline that kept it all together. Their large hit from the first album was “Wir Bauen Ein Neu Stadt,” which made its way to America on numerous compilations. In short, Palais Schaumburg have that ultra-strange “German-ness” that reminds you of Mike Myers in a turtleneck."

Wigbert Zelfel introduces himself:
"Ich arbeite seit vielen Jahren mit Bläsergruppen, unterrichte und veranstalte Workshops. Spiele Saxophon und Oboe in der Band FISH FOR FISH und bei zahlreichen Gruppen (u.a. Fehlfarben, Can, Palais Schaumburg, Buschband, Ougenweide und div. Jazzformationen), live und im Studio, wirkte bei Film- und Fernsehmusik mit, ebenso bei einigen Veranstaltungen des Thalia-Theaters. 2003 komponierte ich die Musik für ein Theaterstück (Peer Gynt) und für ein Hörbuch (Kieselstubsen)." [I am working in brass/wind groups for many years now, I teach and I organize workshops. Play saxophone and oboe in the band Fish for Fish and with numerous other groups (among others Fehlfarben, Can, Palais Schaumburg, Buschband, Ougenweide and several jazz line-ups), live and in the studio, contributed to film and tv music, also played in some events of the Thalia theater [in Hamburg, Germany]. In 2003 I composed the music for a play (Peer Gynt) and an audio book (Kieselstubsen).]

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