January 24, 2009

Petr Zavadil

Petr Zavadil (g,el-g): [Pavel Fajt & Pluto: Pavel Fajt & Pluto]

This musician from Brno, Moravia, played in the art rock group Pluto (1995-2000) and is now with Ty Syčáci ("These Rowdies"), where he's also operating on balalaika, percussion and vocals. He also played in several theatre productions and was a member of a local Doors revival band. He's also a member of the avantgarde rock group Ještě jsme se nedohodli ("We have not come to an agreement yet").
The Pluto album mentioned above has received a Czech independent critic's price called Žlutá ponorka (Yellow Submarine). Pluto is righteously considered to be a successor of famous Czech art rockers Dunaj ("Danube").

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Spring Day said...

This is actually a re-post. I once had this Pluto-album on my blog before, but it got lost with the time being. For those who missed it: I once compared it with This Heat - the sound is quite different, about 15 years in between these two groups, but I felt the spirit is a bit similar.